Google Scholar Search Tips

Google Scholar helps to get some helpful tips on searches, citation export, email alerts, and more. You can search for articles based on relevance like keywords, titles, or authors not by specific date. When you're searching articles or documents, you can search try out different options like sort by date, since year, and envelope icon. 

If you click on since year option, you can view only recently published papers which can be sorted out by relevance. To get new additions based on a particular date, you can use sort by date feature. With the envelope icon, you can able to get new results periodically delivered by email.

Google Scholar Search Tips

Locating the Full-Text of An Article

You can easily get abstracts for most of the articles. Sometimes, it may asks you to do subscription for reading an entire article. In this case, you can consider some searching tips in Google Scholar and they are:
  • You can click on a library link which is available at the right of the search results.
  • Or else, click on a link labelled as PDF or DOC to the right of search results.
  • Click on all versions which are available under search results and check out for alternative sources.
  • In order to explore similar articles, you can go to related articles or cited by feature.
If you're studying at affiliated university, you can find local library to know best way to access the online subscriptions. So that, you can easily get to view full text of specific articles that you want to read.

Other Search Features

You can also try out multiple searches by adjusting your keywords with each search. If your search results are too particular for your needs, you can check out for references section that might helpful for you to get referenced works which are often too general in nature. As similar as this search results, if your search outcomes are too basic, you can click on cited by feature that helps you to choose newer papers that referenced them. These newer papers are always more specific ones.

Cited By Feature

In order to find articles and books that cite your original result, you can click on cited by feature which allows to know newer articles and trace an idea from its original source to the present. For that, you need to follow some steps such as:
  • Locate a single item in Google Scholar.
  • You can look for cited by feature at the bottom of the search results.
  • To see all items that cite your original item, you can click on cited by link. However, higher number of cited by results are shown for older and influential items.
  • You can restrict the search results by searching for keywords within the search results or date range.
Advanced Search Feature
To do advanced search for your specific articles, you can consider advanced search options in Google Scholar. It lets you to find the results more precisely. If you want to limit the results based on particular years, you can use the advanced option of articles dated between. Similarly, you can try out for authorized by search box which assists you to view resources by a specific author.