Google Scholar Citations

Google Scholar Citations creates an easier way to track of citations to articles which have written by authors. Using citations, you can also check out who is citing your publications and estimate multiple citation metrics. With this tool, you can make your profile as public so that it might appear when people are searching for results. Even though if you've written hundreds of articles and your name is shared by different scholars, you can look for your articles very quickly and simple to maintain. You can select a list of article names which are automatically updated or manually update the articles or review the updates.

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Setting Up Your Profile

If you don't have the profile or account already under Google Scholar, you can set up your profile which is quick and free. At initial point, you can sign into your Google account and create one if you don't have already. It suggests you to use your personal account not to use an account at employer. Accordingly, you can keep your profile as long as you wish. If you've signed into the Google account, you can go to the citations signup form and provide basic entails including your name, your affiliation, interests, and more.

You can also enter your university email address to make your profile as eligible under search results. You can click on add all articles which is next to each group article or else view all articles in order to add particular articles to your group. If you've completed the adding of articles, it will prompt to ask you what to do when the article data changes to your search results. You can always choose to go your profile and make changes manually.

In the final stage, you can add finishing touches including update your professional looking photo, verification link, and other related information. There is no way of knowing which articles are really belongs to yours. In this case, it will use a statistical model to sort out the results. This automatic process is not always accurate. It is a best way to look through the articles in your profile and remove the ones that you've written by others.

Add Missing Articles

If you want to add missing articles, you can search for articles based on titles, your name, or keywords. You can click on search articles and add articles whatever you want. Once you've done adding of missing articles, your citation metrics are automatically updated to your account. For suppose, if your search doesn't find any right article, you can click on add article manually.

For that, you can search for title or author name and save the modified results. The manually updated articles might not get update to the citation metrics in your profile for few days. If you want to keep updated about citation metrics and citation graph, you don't need to do anything because Google Scholar is automatically update your citation metrics for articles.