Google Scholar Profile

Google Scholar Profile is useful for authors to get may benefits such as:
  • They can keep track of citation metrics based on popular indices and easy-to-read graphs.
  • Easily take a decision whether or not to share one's profile publicly.
  • Allows to view one's own publications and follow research themes.
  • Control and make corrections to the list of one's own publications.
  • Authorize Google to update article lists automatically or choose the update manually.
  • Promote oneself professionally at no cost.
Once if you've created a Google Scholar Profile, you can able to do following things such as:
  • References can be sorted out by title or author or cited by count or year.
  • Author metrics subsume total citation counts and an author's h-index and i10 index.
  • You can click on cited by number when you want to view a list of citations to an article.
  • You can also click on title to see a citation graph.
Create a New Profile on Google Scholar

    How to Create a Profile on Google Scholar

    Google Scholar is fostered the authors to create their own profile to get better search results otherwise the value of a scholar results will be limited. With this profile, they can control the content of their listings to ensure all their work is represented. To create a profile, you're required to follow below steps such as:
    • At initial stage, you can sign up for a Google account if you don't have already.
    • In the next step, you can go to citations tab on Google Scholar web page.
    • Once you've entered into the citations, it will be asked you to enter you email address which helps to allow your profile to be included in search results.
    • You can also add your articles individually or in a group. The references will be chosen from a list of provided articles.
    • However, you can add your articles manually.
    • You can review and update profile whenever you want.
    • You can make any changes to your profile like adding a photo and do finishing touches.
    • If you've completed the process of creating a profile, you can choose whether to make it private or public.
    Using your profile, you can access to your articles and allow the users to get search results very easily. After completion of adding your articles, the citation metrics are automatically updated. If you want to make the articles to be automatically updated, you can choose profile updates option from action menu and select automatic updates.

    New Article and Citation Alerts

    In order to get notifications about new article and citation alerts to one's or another author's publications, you can click on new citations link which can be available next to the author profile and submit the form. You can also get notifications for newer article publications, you can click on new articles link and submit the form to get alerts.

    Indices Defined

    You can consider recent version or i-10 index to define the citations number for any article. You can find recent version of the citations metric for both h-index and i-10 index.