Google Scholar Journals

Google Scholar allows the users to find a wide range of scholarly literature subsuming books, journal articles, theses, conference papers, and abstracts. The search results are sourced from university websites, academic research databases, Google Books, and other online repositories.

How to Access More Articles in Full-Text

You will find results that are not freely available in full-text when you use Google Scholar off-campus. If you want to access more articles in full-text, you can recommend to consider that you link Google Scholar to the Library's databases. Through the Google Scholar, you can know instructions or guidelines on how to link your results to the Library's databases.

Google Scholar Journals Checkout

Save Time with Advanced Search

On Google Scholar, you can save some time based on advanced search options. These advanced search options are useful when you're searching for particular authors, publications, legal or want to restrict the specific date. To access the advanced search options, you need to click on the arrow of the search engine box. With these options, you will be allowed to restrict the results to specific publications, authors, and more.

More Ways to Get Free Full Text

Many of the articles are come with an abstract in Google Scholar but some of the articles can be available along with full text for free to everyone. For suppose, if you're unable to access full-text for free, you need to do some things to get full text such as:
  • You can look for PDF or DOC or HTML form on the result page and you can click on one of these options to access full text for specific article.
  • If you don't view these forms of PDF or DOC or HTML, you can search for all versions so that you may find a free full text.
  • Still, if you don't find the full article for free, you can search for related articles under your article to view more detailed information whenever the articles are available on same topic with full text.
Google Scholar Alerts

With the Google Scholar, you can create a search alert in order to get automatic updates on your research topic. To create a search alert, you need to do below steps such as:
  • Primarily, you should go to Google Scholar website.
  • Under this web page, you can search for your topic of article.
  • You can click on the envelope icon in the side bar of search results.
  • Accordingly, provide your basic entails including email address and click alert button.
  • Once you've done all these things, Google will automatically send you email when newly published papers are added that match your search criteria.
Specifically, top publications are related to various categories such as nature, advanced materials, journal of the American Chemical Society, Science, Nano letters, Nucleic Acids Research, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Nature Materials, Journal of High Energy Physics, Nature Photonics, Nature Nanotechnology, and much more. Finding of journals titles and journal articles are two of the toughest tasks on academic library webpages. Google Scholar continued to develop the tools to access a full text article.