Google Scholar Alerts

Since Google Scholar launched, it has made several improvements to find recently published articles by subsuming the feature of recent articles mode which is a simple interface to restrict the searches with more frequent index updates. Accordingly, it has recently added the feature of email alerts which helps you to create alerts for queries of your interest. When new article added to the Google Scholar that matches your requirements, it will send you email updates with links to these articles.

Google Scholar Alerts

Create an Alert

In order to create an alert for your query, you can just do a search on Google Scholar as usual and go to envelope icon that appears at the top of search results. When you click on envelop icon, it will take you to a web page which consists of recent results for your query and alert options.

For suppose, if your query provides you results for another article instead of a particular article that you want to search for, you can tweak it right there and see updated results. You can also add more specific terms, placing full author names, and multi-word concepts in quotes.

Later, you can click on create an alert button to get notifications. If you're logged into your Gmail account, you will be allowed to receive alert right away. If you're not logged in, you can enter your email address and it will send you verification code to confirm or cancel the alert. However, any email address will accept to receive Google Scholar Alerts not only Gmail account. When you click on the confirmation link, your alert automatically be created and start receiving email updates on your query.

How to Create an Alert for Articles

If you want to create an alert for articles citing a specific paper, you can easily find the paper in Google Scholar and click on cited by option which is available below the search results. You can also click on envelope icon which appears at the top of list of citing articles. If you want to get updates when any of the papers cited, it is very easy to set up an alert for all mentions of your name.

To learn more from new publications which are written by superior essay writers, you can try out for registering alerts for their names with an author specification. If the created alerts provide you too many results which are relevant to other people with same name, you can try adding more particular search terms including the names of their co-authors, plan old keywords, or the name of the university they are associated with.

 Whether you may want to create an alert for largest collection of research papers. In that case, you can consider improved Google Scholar alerts wherein they had tried to solve tricky questions. Initially, the organization had to figure out how to quickly find newly available scholarly articles on the web. Secondly, it had to estimate which of the newly available articles were recently written or published through this platform. It is also have to update the index more frequently for newly published articles.